• learning2019.01.15

    Application for Japanese class of Sunday Primary (10:10-12:10) is closed due to full capacity.

  • learning2019.01.08

    Application for Japanese class of Tuesday morning Primary (10:10-12:10)is closed due to full capacity.

  • event2019.01.07

    Reflection:The29th International Exchange Party

  • event2019.01.04

    eflection:The 23rd Matsudo International Cultural Festival

  • event2018.11.14

    Newsletter "MIEA STATION"ver. 2018-winter

  • event2018.11.07

    The 27th Japanese Speech Contest for Non Natives, we are looking for contestants!!

  • event2018.10.30

    Reflection: The 37th English Speech Contest for High School Students in Matsudo.

  • learning2018.10.26

    Newsletter "Wa & WA" No.26

  • event2018.09.27

    2018 Basic Japanese Language Class schedule



12月16日グリーンルーム(Green room)での第29回国際交流パーティーは楽しく終わりました。後半の自己紹介ゲーム、じゃんけんゲーム、抽選会も大歓声の中盛り上がりました。

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